Essential Tips to Help You Study From Home More Effectively

Study From Home

The days of simply “going to school” have changed over the past few years as more and more people are making the decision to study from home coupled with more and more institutions offering online and distance learning courses. 

While studying at home has many benefits, it’s important that you take the right actions in order to create healthy home-study habits. It’s not just a question of opening up your books at home and trying to study. It’s essential to set up a plan and set out a structure that will help you avoid distractions, maintain concentration and maximise your productivity.

To help you achieve that balance here are five tips to help you study at home more effectively: 

Have a Plan

It is important to have a structure to your study time. Create a timetable and stick to it. There’s a reason why classes at schools have a start and finish time. Following a timetable means that you can maximise your attention on certain areas for a specific amount of time and thereby get the best results from your time. 

Designate a Study Area

It’s important to set-up an area dedicated to study. If you can, use a desk that is specifically used for your work. This means that unconsciously you are telling yourself that this area is for study time – not leisure time that you associate with the couch or comfy chair or sitting on the floor. Have a work area that you keep clean. You wouldn’t have old cups of coffee or plates on your desk at school or in the library so why have them here. Keep this area clean and organised… and keep it for study – eat and drink somewhere else!   

Check in with Classmates and Tutors 

The social side of learning has a lot to do with our study performance as we benefit from contact, insight and encouragement from those around us. Studying at home can often be quite an isolating experience so it’s important to check in with fellow students and teachers whenever you can. Whether that’s asking for advice or maybe giving it to other students or getting feedback on your work from teachers, try to use that time to connect with others.  

Take Breaks

You can often get caught up in your work while studying from home – whether that’s due to the pressure of deadlines or simply a matter of losing track of time. However, it’s vital that you take regular breaks. As well as being essential for your well being, it also helps you to be more aware of the passing of time and thus able to manage it more effectively. Set a timer to ensure you take a regular break. Take 5 minutes away from your books or computer. Stretch your legs. You’ll feel the benefit in the long-run.

Eat Well

It is important to be aware of nutrition while studying from home. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. When you eat right, you boost your mental functions, work efficiency, focus, and motivation. Prepare healthy snacks in advance and resist the urge to graze or eat unhealthily just because that packet of crisps is in the cupboard! Organise your eating just as you would your time. Plan ahead for best results. While studying at home, maintaining healthy nutrition has many benefits and will lead to better performance and results.


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